Getting Started

We got "Sneeus" when she was a kitten.

... when she was about 12 weeks old.

...and generally independent of her mother.

"Sneeus" quickly got use to the attention.

... and to her human playmates.

... and soon she was patrolling the property.

...watching TV with her teddy.

...getting a bath.

... and making new friends.



"Sneeus" showing off her Winter Coat and Olive-Green Eyes

"Sneeus" enjoy the winter sun.

...absorbing some vitamine-D.

The mid-day sun throwing long shadows.

This must be the warmest place ... in the sun.

... on the boat.

Some vitamine-D for the other side of her.

This is the life!

... but enough photos for now.

... lets rather do some bird watching.



"Sneeus" loosing her Winter Coat

"Sneeus" is loosing her winter coat.

...and brushing her is now a daily routine.

...but only scissors helps for the knots.

...leaving her with an uneven coat.

... a result of being allowed to play outside.

...choose ... knots or stuck inside.



"Sneeus" At Home

"Sneeus" playing with her kittens.

A "Sneeus" close-up.

"Sneeus" outside in the garden.

A "Sneeus" black-and-white close-up.

"Sneeus" watching over her kittens.

"Sneeus" still watching over her kittens.

"Sneeus" wondering outside on the lawn.

"Sneeus" on her "springbok"-skin mat.

"Sneeus" relaxing on the coach.

... out of reach of her playful kittens.

... and always available for a photo.

"Sneeus" relaxing on the cool moist grass.

...getting her underbody flat on the grass.

"Sneeus" moaning ... give back my kittens.

... content with us playing with her kittens.



"Arthur" and "Chilly"

Rearing kittens is hard work.

It is all about playing.

...more playing.


... more feeding.


... more feeding.

... and more resting.

It is all about being there for the kittens.

...looking after their hygiene.

...and keeping them assured.

Being a mom is great fun.

...even when your kittens have grown up.

...and are almost as large as yourself.

Kittens love climbing trees.

...and will often find themselves stuck.

..."Sneeus" is unable to help.

...but won't hesitate to come ask for help., however, they are left in the tree.

...they must learn the consequences.

...and have plenty of time to think.

Arthur is exhausted and hungry after the day.

...and fall asleep during supper.

Kittens generally hate bath time.

...but love being clean.

...and "Sneeus" is there to assist.


"Arthur" and "Chilly" make for Beautiful Pictures

Kittens are easier to handle and photograph.

...holding them in one hand.

...the kittens make for beautiful pictures.

A series of blue-colored photos of "Chilly".

...settling in on somebody's lap.

...starting to clean himself at this young age.

... and ever so often loosing attention.

... then continue cleaning himself.

...licking the paw.

... and stroking his face with his wet paw.

... more licking.

... and now washing his coat.

More photos of "Athur". 

..."Chilly" and Arthur" ... both males.

... and "Chilly".

"Chilly" making himself comfortable.

"Chilly" and Arthur" waking up.

... and a bit older "Chilly".

"Chilly" chilling out with us.

Playing outside under mother's watchful eye.

... and staying close to his human playmates.

"Chilly" soon becomes sleepy.

A young "Chilly".

... waiting for mom to come back to bed.

A very young "Chilly" still in their suitcase.

A young "Chilly" sleeping.

A older "Chilly" preparing to leave home.


"Arthur" and "Chilly" Participate in Many Activities

They particularly love gardening. better way other than getting in there.

"Arthur" checking the undergrowth.

... and the lawn.

Must this tree stay?

Tired after a day of logging.

But they are just as helpful in the house.

... will ensure that the washing gets done.

... and fighting about who will do the ironing.

Most queens are pregnated during August.

... will have kittens 63 days later.

... and Christmas the house is full of kittens. 



"Sneeus" also makes for Beautiful Pictures

"Sneeus" showing off her chinchilla-looks.

...typically part of the persian family.

...with a white undercoat with black tips.

... and large olive-green eyes with "eyeliner".

"Sneeus" posing for a photo.

...while showing off her tail.

"Sneeus" choose the piano chair to sleep on.

... and will return there for the next few days.

... when after she will find a new spot.



The Older "Sneeus" becomes less Active

"Sneeus" sleeps most of the day and night.

...and is generally very inactive.

...but may undertake night expeditions.



"Sneeus" share her House with Friends

"Sneeus" takes care of a new arrival .. Suzie.

"Nusca" was here when "Sneeus" arrived.

...and love playing with kittens of "Sneeus".



Chinchillas has very specific Characteristics

A pure white undercoat with black tips.

Large olive-green eyes with "eyeliner".

Long hair and black cushions under all paws.



"Suzie" the Kitten

We got "Suzie" when she was a kitten.

...and she loved wondering the garden.

...investigating every bit of the garden.

...investigating everything that moved.

and investigating every tree.

... and every branch.

... and learning how to get down again.

"Suzie" checks the wiring.

...before falling asleep in front of the TV.


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